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A perfect day out on the water

Step into one of our electric boats and experience an unforgettable day out. Our tea house and boat rental is located right in the middle of 'Waterland'. Exploring this beautiful area by boat is the best thing to do as most of Waterland consists of water. Small canals will lead you past green fields, to small lakes and old villages. Boat right through picturesque Broek in Waterland and admire the famous wooden houses. Bring our homemade picnic on board and relax.

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Standard electric boat

- Max. 5 persons, no experience required
- Free cancellation in case of bad weather
- From €45 I 2 hours
- Scroll down for more info

Onderweg gezellig picknicken?  Scroll naar beneden voor meer info!

Medium electric boat

- Max. 10 persons, some experience required
- Free cancellation in case of bad weather
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Rental times and fares:
- From 11:00 - 1:30 I € 110
- From 2:00 - 5:30 I € 140
- Whole day I € 215


Electric boat for groups

- Suitable for groups between 10 to 25 persons
- Our guide will boat you through ‘Waterland’
- 2 hours € 250, each extra hour € 75

Please contact us for more information.



- We rent out 4 kayaks and 1 canoe
- Free cancellation in case of bad weather
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Rental times:
- 10:30 - 1:30, half a day
- 2:00 - 5:00, half a day
- 10:30 - 5:00, whole day


How it works

All our boats have an electric motor which means you can't hear them. They are really easy to operate so everyone can boat our standard boats (max. 5 persons) without having experience. The medium boat (max. 10 persons) requires some basic experience, however a licence is not necessary. Before departure we will explain you everything you need to know and we will make sure you have our map of the area. 

Don't worry, we thought about everything. All our boats have comfortable cushions and we have lifejackets for children in many different sizes (free of charge). And when it's a little colder you can use our blankets. When the weather is not as good as we hoped for you are able to cancel your reservation free of charge. Picnics can be cancelled maximum one night in advance. Please send an e-mail to of call 0031299652735.

Different routes

You are able to boat different routes and see several picturesque old Dutch villages. Along the way signs are shown to navigate you to the right direction. The shortest trip takes 2 hours (€45) and will get you to the historical village Broek in Waterland and it's surroundings. The round trip of 2,5 hours (€51) allows you to explore more of the nature area around Broek. The most popular route is the one of 3 hours (€57,50) where you will boat through three different old Dutch villages; Broek in Waterland, Zuiderwoude and Monnickendam. Don't want to miss anything? It's also possible to rent a boat for 3,5 hours (€63,50) or to rent it the whole day (€95). There are many different spots to stop and relax which are shown on our map.

Would you like to stop along the way? Please book a little bit of extra time!

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Homemade picnic

Experience a perfect day out on the water. Bring our homemade picnic with you on board and pick your own spot somewhere in nature or stop in one of the villages. Our picnic includes a freshly made sandwich, a fruit salad, a slice of homemade banana bread and a bottle of homemade lemonade. 

€ 12,50 per person and € 10,- for kids,
reservation required.