Who we are

We are the Deun family. Ton, Marianne, Eveline, Marlies and Marjolein to be precise. Together we work hard for you to enjoy our unique location. Dad built the tea house himself and so for us he is 'the guy who can fix it all'. He will help you as well when you would like to hire an electric boat with us, he is there for you. Mom is our baking queen and takes care of all the homemade apple pie, carrotcake, brownies, scones, cheesecake and all her other delicacies. We sisters will make sure you can enjoy the place where we grew up. At the Dutch countryside, in between the green fields, surrounded by its fauna and a lot of water. Because we enjoyed it so much while growing up (and still) we decided to share this spot with you. Be welcome, enjoy and make our parents proud!